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May 16, 2002

"Pinnacle Redefines Itself" - Commentary by Alexei Gerulaitis
See also: Pinnacle Redefines Itself, a somewhat far-reaching commentary by Alexei Gerulaitis

Gary's Back From Launch

Pinnacle Systems invited industry's East Coast heavyweights to see and talk about their new software product called Edition, at Tribeca Grand Hotel in Manhattan yesterday.  Videoguys' Gary Bettan reports on DV-L:

I went to the Pinnacle launch event last night for Edition.  Things are about to get really exciting. Some of you (especially those in Europe) may be a bit familiar with what was Fast Studio DV. Edition is the next evolution of the product. Here are just a few of the features I like best:

Pinnacle's got a new weapon in it's arsenal.  It's going to be a fun summer!

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DV-L, January 25, 2001 Jan 25, 2001

Interesting times?

by Robert Rouveroy csc, The Hague, Holland.

There's a new factor rearing its head concerning film, storage, HDTV and other concerns.

A few days ago, a lady physicist called Lene Hau of Harvard announced she managed to stop light in a sodium compound. Sounds rather esoteric BUT, if light, normally going at 300.000 kilometers a second is stopped, it follows that it also can be modulated. Speculating, she mentioned quantum computers, CD's with TerraTerrabytes capacity, video cameras with sheer unlimited recording parameters, making continuous holographic display and transmission possible. There were many more speculations by other scientists but the above are of specific interests to us.

She hesitated calling it a miracle but implied that it (might) bypass the notion that the speed of light is a unchangeable standard. Roll over, Albert.

Imagine, DV cam with chips recording 100.000 lines...

We live in interesting times.

Editor's P.S.
Also on DV-L, Rune Hansen pointed out to an article in NY Times describing Dr. Hau's earlier work.

Chuckmeister: PC110's in-country

According to Chuckmeister (, "Sony distribution has just passed a whole slew of PC110's through customs...  they are on their way to your loading dock... watch for them anytime now even this week!"

Chucky is clued-in with the airline industry and recently acquired a penthouse apartment near O'Hairy Apt. ... with his 1000x telescope, he can probably read the serial numbers of those PC110's...


People on DV-L:
2 way Sat System in Gilroy, CA, up & running

Nick Schlott, one of the main brains behind Premiere, today inaugurated his 2-way internet satellite system at his home in Gilroy, CA. The town, formerly known for its garlic production, will now be the center of 2-way-net-sat for the people. At least, for people like Nick.

Mind you folks, this is not your daddy's sat-down-POTS-up NetPC. This is bona-fide 2-way stuff, formerly reserved for gadzillionaires who could afford Vsat. If you are living in a rural area, and if you are sick of BackBell asking you "DSL-what?" - check out Not quite as fast as DSL or Cable, but definitely better than that wire with the 15 loading coils in it they call a phone line.


DSR-11: Going Bilingual

A $2500 DVCAM deck that does both PAL and NTSC. And it's cute!  Review.

Matrox RT2000 Mega Pack Preview now available for download to registered RT2000 users.  New real-time FX, real-time MPEG-2 IBP encoding, 4-channel audio support, and more.

1394b:  Cheaper, Faster, Farther.
A Better 1394 ?...

Speeds up to 1.6Gbs, distances up to 100m.  Uses copper, fiber, even a UTP Cat5 cable.  Simplified licensing, product development, integration and interconnection.  More: our archive, on Intel Developers Site and 1394b Task Group page.

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