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DSR-11: NTSC, PAL, easy on the walletSony DSR-11 is a $2500 DVCAM deck that does both PAL and NTSC. And it's cute!  Review.

GY-DV500 on DV CentralJVC GY-DV500 - the most comprehensive coverage on the Net.

Roger Jennings:

PC98: Too Much TV, Too Little Video.

Roger analyzes Microsoft's PC98 design spec, detects ambitions to conquer the world of TV: "Technology of dubious short-term benefit."

Firewire Audio Spec approved.

Promises "100-plus channels of digital audio" and "several hundred MIDI channels" over one FireWire.


FireCard Ultra

Combines Firewire and Ultra SCSI.

1394 will go faster and farther.

Up to 3.2 Gigabit/sec over POF and HPCF.

Mugs Galore!
(Civilians & Celebrities.)

Check out the DV titling & transition tests.

As discussed on DV-L !  Now with the Big Picture.


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Historical Marker

Shortly after Sony launched its first DV camera in 1995, turning the world of digital video shooting and editing upside-down in the process, Alexei Gerulaitis, a former Soviet computer scientist who went AWOL in California, and Bertel Schmitt, a German advertising exec living in NYC, started the DV-L mailing list, accompanied by DVCENTRAL.ORG, this website. Both quickly became a hub for digital video enthusiasts and industry players alike. In a backroom of the NAB show, holding a wire-wrapped Adaptec FireWire card in his hand, Bertel made the wide-eyed pronouncement that “one day, we’ll be able to edit video on our laptops.” Soon, digital video became mainstream, and Bertel’s prediction has been old hat for many years by now. This website is no longer being maintained, but it is kept around to keep history alive.


Alexei goes simply by Alex now, and is commanding a small army of servers at Disney-ABC. House, wife, and dog have long ceased being Bertel's. He now lives in Tokyo, not far from the Sony HQ, where, three decades ago, all of this started.

And now, more than 20 years after all this started, Bertel Schmitt (left) and Nick Schlott (right) re-united in Tokyo. Bertel retired with five monitors. Nick still works on Adobe Premiere, like in the bad old days.

Find us on Google or Facebook if you want to talk about the old times.

This site is devoted to DV (and its related formats - DVCAM, DVCPRO, etc.) and FireWire (also known as IEEE-1394).  DV is a digital video format, supported by a consortium of over 50 companies.  FireWire™ is a serial data transfer protocol and interconnection system, used (among other things) to transmit DV.  FireWire was originally developed by Apple Computer.  In 1995, FireWire was standardized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers as IEEE 1394-1995.  1394 Trade Association maintains extensive amount of information on IEEE-1394.

This site is maintained by Bertel Schmitt and Alexei Gerulaitis.

July 20, 2004
DV-L on Google GroupsDV-L Has Moved

DV-L has moved to Google's Beta Groups, at

May 16, 2002
Gary's Back From Launch

Videoguys' own Gary Bettan attended a private Launch Party yesterday in New York and reports that things got really exciting.  Pinnacle Systems invited all industry's VIPs to see and talk about their new software product called Edition.  Get the scoop.

April 17, 2002
Toors NAB

... and publishes his impressions on DMN's DVFormat site.  We might add that DVStorm is not a purely hardware realtime solution.  Rather, a terrific hybrid that uses both software and hardware to do its realtime magic, but with 5 streams in realtime, do we care?  Nice job Jon!  ...more.

November 26, 2001
Canopus Announces Realtime 3D Effects

Canopus Corp. announced the availability of realtime 3D transitions for their realtime cards, somewhat catching with competition.  If previously, "realtime 3D" meant "not Canopus", now that's no longer the case.  More.

Click for Adam Wilt's JY-VS200 Review.JY-VS200 Review

Adam Wilt reviews the new single-CCD "indie" camcorder from JVC.

RT2000 Mega Pack Preview

New real-time FX, real-time MPEG-2 IBP encoding, 4-channel audio support, and more.

DV Motion Artifacts

Robert Hutchings of KTCA (Twin Cities Public Television, St Paul, Minnesota), writes:
"...DVCAM format seemed to be a little cleaner and more precise than the DV format, but the images produced by the two cameras were very close."
Read the article.

Ferrick's Informer

Hot news, reviews, tips, observations, analyses from a UK-based journalist and venture capitalist John Ferrick  This is the first of the many to come. "My job (for other clients) is to be pretty analytical and picky." - says John.  more.

DV vs. Betacam SP

...And 4:1:1 vs. 4:2:2, Artifacts and Other Controversies. Roger Jennings discusses and compares the two formats.  No holds barred.

The DV-L Discussion List

How to subscribe, unsubscribe, how to get the digest and more.

What is Firewire?

It's the digital interconnection for DV and many more things to come.  Some background.  Where Firewire comes from.  Where Firewire is going.  Links galore.


There's a system to this chaos. (There is really?) Trying to define what's definable - and what's in flux. Standards, background, links.

DV Editing How-to

With DV/Firewire cards finally out and more coming, what is changing in DV editing, what will stay the same? The old & tired way. The firewired way. 10-step program to DV editing nirvana. How to add analog material, video & audio. Previews, device control. The benefits. Codec wars! Title tests! Caution: Some new thinking required.


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