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A frequent contributor to major video technology magazines, Adam Wilt makes his DV Kitchen educational and fun.  Obligatory reading for anyone serious about video.


Communities focuses on the Digital Video realm in Sydney, Australia.

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Links. Links. Links.

This is only a rudimentary link page. More to come. Please send us your links. Links will be exchanged.

 Visit the  DV-L Member Jump Page!
And see what DV-L correspondents are up to.

JVC's GY-DV500 and BR-DV600U.

Canon's XL-1, Optura
Panasonic's DVCPRO page

Information on DVCAM, but not by Sony.
Roger Jennings' definitive DV paper "Consumer and Professional Digital Video Recording and Data Formats"
Desktop Video - Internet Resources from The Mining Company 
Index to Multimedia Information Sources 
comp.compression Frequently Asked Questions (part 1/3) 
Software M-JPEG Codec for Win32 
OpenDML AVI File Format Extensions 
DV Master: Usage of the DV Audio Tool 
The Digital Movie News (tm) 
Como Background info - DV 
Sederta 1394 boards 
IEEE 1394 Standard 
Apple's FireWire Home Page 
1394 Q & A bz Texas Instruments 
Firewire Information by Dave Marsh - Technical background from the UK 
Michael Jansen on FireWire, Kansas State University 
Digital Video Camcorders for Multimedia - Bob Doyle's take on DVC 
Texas Instrument's 1394 Serial Bus Home Page 
Molex's IEEE 1394 I/O Connector System 
Symbios Firewire - Makers of Firewire chips etc. 
PC Webopaedia on FireWire - definition and always updated links 
Philips Firewire ICs 
FAST's DV Master:Backgrounder, also good overview of technology 
Debra Porter's Digital Movie News (tm) 
FireWire DV Editing Arrives 

GLOBAL DVC CLUB Club based in the Netherlands, covering DVC  
Link to Global DVC Club
Your tepid reporter casing Jan Van der Meer's Global DVC Club. 

DraCo Systems - Makers of the Casablanca
Video University - resources for hobbyists and professionals
Panasonic Broadcast & Digital Systems
CF Video's Essential DV Info-Sheet
Dave Marsh's Video Technology Home Page

The Electronic Mailbox is a direct marketer of video stuff with a heavy slant towards Digital Video. Home of the World (Wide Web) Famous Desk Top Video Handbook On Line - All you ever wanted to know about DTV (but found nobody to ask). Gary Bettan of the Electronic Mailbox is very active on the usual newsgroups and mailing lists, such as DV-L, of course.

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