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Ever since DV was announced, people asked: "How will I edit the darned thing?" Folks thought they need special gear, special editing apps, special everything. Fear no more You will edit DV just like you did edit before. How you do it, is up to you. We have ways. Three, to be exact..

If you have the equipment, go ahead and use it.

If you don't have lots of gear, don't rack up costs.

A computer, a firewire board and your camcorder is all you need.

The FAST Bluebox.  Every In, Any Out - including two DV hardware Codecs.

How to edit your DV footage.  

Basically, you have three options.

The old & tired way.

The tired way uses the analog I/O of your DV gear along with any analog editing gear you already have. Benefits: No extra expenditures, no fear of the unknown. Drawbacks: You will not be getting the full quality of DV, because you will be using some quality due to generation loss and possible transcoding.

The firewired way.

The new way uses the Firewire I/O present in many DV camcorders and DVCRs (notably Sony’s), connected to new Firewire I/O boards that  finally arrived on scene. You will edit DV and you will stay in DV end-to-end. Benefits: No generation loss, pristine quality. Drawbacks: None, except that you may have to buy a new board. Some of them are cheaper than MJPEG boards. 

The expensive way.

The expensive way uses Firewire I/O, combined with real-time hardware. Due to the price involved, this approach is only recommended where real time mixing and editing is absolutely needed, such as in news studio, live transmissions etc. This is not covered in this article, but you can look here or here. 

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